Environmental Awareness

This trend arises in all sectors of consistent recycling. Especially, for the construction industry there is no alternative. The German Closed Substance Cycle and Waste Management Act underscores this importance. Quality-controlled emvau-schlacke protects the environment where natural resources such as gravel and sand don’t need to be extracted. And because emvau-schlacke’s production takes place in the greater Hamburg area, long-distance transportation is a thing of the past, which would be incurred by natural raw materials.

 Over 4000 Reference Projects

emvau-schlacke has been installed in more than 4000 reference projects since 1994, the year in which the Hanseatisches Schlackenkontor was founded. This includes, the renowned Container Terminal Altenwerder project in the harbour of Hamburg, the Polizeistern (police HQ in form of a star) or the Kühne & Nagel logistics centre.

 A Study confirms Quality

A scientific study conducted by KM GmbH für Straßenbau- und Umwelttechnik investigated the scope of application for HMV-Schlacke’s Hanseatischen Schlackenkontor’s HMV slag at road and earthworks and also took into consideration construction and environmental aspects. The Öko-Institut e.V. released a statement where the situation in Hamburg was identified as "exemplary" and "pioneering for all of Germany".